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Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps have become an increasingly popular option in many New Zealand homes and businesses because they are an energy efficient and a very comfortable way to heat and cool the home or workplace.

Cost of running a Heat Pump - easy view graph

 It is easy to see the cost benefits of installing a Heat Pump or Air Conditioner.
Even if your firewood was free there are still large amounts of labour costs not equated in.
The heat or cool is up and running in less than 4 minutes. And of course the maintenance hardly exists.

Cost saving

Comfortable living and working environment

Comfortable living and working environment

Heat pumps not only provide a warm living and working environment, but the reverse cycle means they are ideal for cooling down the home or workplace. The cooling system works just as easily and efficiently as the heating system.

In winter there is less condensation than with other methods of heating and in summer the cooling system also dehumidifies, making the home or business more comfortable.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Heat pumps can be operated by the simple touch of a button, without even leaving your chair.

All models can be controlled from your smartphone with the addition of a
small component or Pebble Air.

This means not matter where you are (in cellphone coverage) you can
operate the unit.

Fast acting

Heat pumps will heat or cool the room almost instantly at the touch of a button. All Mitsubishi Electric or Fujitsu Heat pumps have programmable timers so you can set them to start before you get up in the morning or return from work. 

Good for allergy sufferers

Good for allergy sufferers
Heat pumps improve the air quality of your home or business as filters remove dust, mould spores, odours, smoke and other particles in the air. This not only makes the environment more pleasant but is excellent for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
We have been told that your sinuses clear up in 1 day.

Safe method of heating

Gas heaters, log burners and conventional heaters all have hot surfaces which can be of danger to children and pets. Heat pumps have no hot surfaces and can be safely left on while you are out of the house or asleep.